Are you looking for a Theatre for Kids in Birmingham? Well, search no more! In this article, we will show you the best theatre plays and where you can find them in the beautiful city of Birmingham. Apart from theatre, that kids love, what about a kids party? You find the best party entertainment in Birmingham. And also great entertainers and themed parties! You must have a look at it!

There are plays especially for kids, although adults might enjoy it, but others can be enjoyed by the whole family.

There is also the beauty of learning something about your kids and what they enjoy watching in plays: what they connect with, what they don’t understand.

It is a very important matter for parents to understand their kid’s mental development.

Best theatre for kids in Birmingham

best theatre for children in Birmingham

Let us then talk about Theatre for Kids in Birmingham:

Dogs don’t do Ballet

The children’s book written by Anna Kemp is now being adapted as a theatre play by the Blunderbus Theatre Company. It is at the MAC (midlands Arts Centre).

This is a story about a puppy who believes he can be a ballerina, regarding matters of dreams and power of will.

It will open May 30, a Tuesday, for £10, in two sessions of 50 minutes.

best theatre for kids in Birmingham

The Adams Family

The legendary series about the spooky Adams Family is now a musical comedy for all the family enjoyment in the Theatre for Kids in Birmingham.

We can say the Wednesday Addams is grown up and falls in love with a young man that is considered to be from a respectable family.

It is happening from 6 to 10 of June, in the Birmingham Hippodrome from £27 to £42.50.

  • Tuesday at 19:30pm;
  • Wednesday 14:00pm and 19:30pm;
  • Thursday 19:30pm;
  • Friday at 19:30pm;
  • Saturday at 14:30pm and 19:30pm.

Awful Auntie

This is the story of Stella, written by David Walliams, who travels with her parents to London but after three months wakes up not having an idea about what happened.

It will be on at the New Alexandra Theatre for Kids in Birmingham. But it is also enjoyable for adults! You can enjoy it from November 22 to November 24, for £22.75 to £16.50.

  • Wednesday at 13:30pm and 19:00pm;
  • Thursday at 10:00am and 13:30pm;
  • Friday at 10:00am and 13:30pm.

There are much theatre plays going on in Birmingham that is sure to give lots of fun and enjoyment to you and your children.

The costs vary as well as the dates and the places. So, if you have the time, give it a try and explore the city with your beloved little ones, searching for Theatre for Kids in Birmingham.

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