There are many offers of Theater for Children in Birmingham, especially in Christmas season, offering pieces dedicated particularly to the theme. The REP is one of the companies that offer a variety of plays for both adults and children. On show are, at the moment, “The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe”, “The snowman” and “Ding Dong”.

Theater for Children in Birmingham

Theater for Children in Birmingham

Theater for Children in Birmingham

  • The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe – This play will be on display until January 16, and it is directed to children. It tells a story of adventure, where Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy enter by accident, in an enchanted wardrobe that leads them to another world. Talking animals, mythical creatures, is the well-known world Narnia.
    A White Witch who casts a cruel winter for everyone (it would last forever) is one of the characters against which the boys will have to fight to break the spell. With that, Narnia would have again its ruler, the lion Aslan.
    More than a fun and interesting content, this play is a classic both for children as for adults. The price is around the £ 13.00 and £ 35.00, depending on the day you decide to go.Theater for Children Birmingham
  • The Snowman – This is a play of Director Bill Alexander, whose main character is a snowman. Like all children love adventure, this play could not be otherwise. The Snowman comes alive on Christmas Eve and part with the boy on a mission, running away from Jack Frost, the villain of the story. Meetings with Santa Claus, dancing penguins, reindeer and many snowmen are planned during the show.
    This piece of theater for children who can attend in Birmingham is based on the book by Raymond Brigg and is also a classic, making presentations for over 20 years. Will be on display until the end of January and will be priced between £ 13.50 and £ 35.00.


  • Ding Dong – This theater piece is directed to children up to 7 years old. This is an interactive music game to teach the younger ones to see and tell the time. It has Dot, Mooch, Nora and Smidge characters trying to save the clock tower. Prices are £ 9 for adults, £ 6 for children and £ 2 for Babes-in-Arms.

Soon you will able to see plays as “Cinder-ella”, “Hetty Feather” and “Tadpoles”.

  • Cinder-ella – A grandfather who was left with a baby in her lap and reinventing his whole world in child function. While tidying toys he invents a fantasy world through magic and music.
    This show uses puppets, sign language and an aria to draw the attention of youngsters. It’s worth watching!Theater Children in Birmingham
  • Hetty Feather – An appealing narrative for the younger, without removing quality to it, this is the order of theater piece for children in Birmingham. A spectacular circus, original songs and live music along with an adventure story, the reason it is more than ideal to bring the whole family to the scene. Hetty, the main character flees from the hospital, facing the Matron Stinking Bottomy, discovering the home of the squirrel and the circus, among other adventures that she faces in order to find his real mother.

If you want, you can visit our Children’s Christmas Party Entertainment in Birmingham too!


The theater is an excellent means of learning and culture to all of us, and it is important to instill this love in children. The arts in general, offer a wide path of emotions and especially for children stimulates dream. Having regard to this, has been greatly stimulated theater for children in Birmingham.

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