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Doing Magic tricks with animals for kids can make any magician become popular since the magic tricks are performed perfectly. This requires that the magician has great skill with his hands, and must have the ability to redirect the attention of the audience.best magic tricks with animal for kids

These tricks are fantastic for children because small creatures bring more animation than any other inanimate object.


Best Magic tricks with animals for kids


Know that for amateur magicians, furry little animals like rabbits and doves serve perfectly! They are very cute, do not bite, do not run to all over the place and do not make much noise. So they are excellent for those who want to start in the world of magic.

One of the best Magic tricks with animals for kids is the rabbit in the top hat.

See how we do!


This trick needs a big top hat (the higher it is, the better). The magician passes by the public the top hat so that they see that it is empty. He can ask to put objects inside when it passes best magic tricks with animal for childrenhand in hand.It can be candies, keys, cell phones, or toys.

When the magician takes his hat back, he shakes his top hat and removes all objects to a table.

The magician asks for guests to pick up their objects back, and usually it causes them to act quickly, passing a certain sense of urgency.

Once all the guests have seated again, he asks if they already have it all back. When they answer yes, the magician pulls the rabbit out of the hat.

Usually, magicians use small and docile rabbits because it will be hidden in the magician pocket, usually in the inside pocket of his jacket. When the magician removes the objects of the guests, of the hat, he holds his hat near the belly, with the top facing the audience, and puts the rabbit in there while people take their objects.

Although this magic trick is a classic one, when we look at Magic tricks with animals for kids, there are many others that little ones love!

Tricks with doves and pigeons are excellent too! They may include small puppies or even insects.

They truly are excellent to ensure the children’s attention and magicians know that including small animals will leave the children delighted!

Are you till in doubt about hiring magicians to your kid’s party? I am sure all little ones will love to watch Magic tricks with animals for kids! 

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