This is definitely Thriller’s Night! Our Kids Halloween Parties in Birmingham have come to stay to bring the fun and scary mood to your Halloween Party! We aim to make of each one an unforgettable moment so you can always feel the goosebumps of our Kids Halloween Parties in Birmingham. Our Children’s Haloween Entertainment for hire will include a wide variety of activities for everyone to enjoy!

Our Kids Halloween Parties in Birmingham can be done in the area of your choice, from home parties to huge events that can gather all the community. We cover different areas in the West Midlands including Birmingham, Solihull, Bromford, Tyburn, Walmley and more.


So, if you are throwing Halloween parties for children in Birmingham, you can get professional help and hire one of our incredible children’s Halloween party entertainers. They will build up the mood of the theme, will dress up in scary characters costumes and will organizing the most amazing themed games and activities for your kids. Our Kids Halloween Themed entertainment packages for hire in Birmingham are:

: Also known as Terrifying. It fits at any age group and ensures everyone hours of fun and laughter

  • halloween vampire Birmingham entertainerWe begin with a scary welcome to warm up with the kids, setting the Halloween mood!
  • We continue with crazy games, choreographed moves and  zombie ’Thriller’ dancing, laughter and joy…
  • Face painting to transform your children into ghosts, pumpkins, witches, vampires and more…
  • Scary balloon forms created by the best Halloween party entertainers.

Extras can be added up (15-20 mins):

  1. Hair Rising  Horror Stories  adapted to different ages
  2. Gooey Science shows, get sticky
  3. Scary Magic with surprises and screams… of laughter!
  4. Soapy bubbles for the youngest monsters to enjoy!

MINI ZOMBIE DISCO: We welcome each of the little ones, warm up, and get ready to frighten everyone with the crazy moves of the living dead, monsters and mummies and make way for choreography and dancing!

TRICK OR TREAT PARADE: Get ready to get some candies. We prepare the children for this amazing moment, warm them up with some ghostbuster music and games. Then we can take kids and adults from house to house for trick or treating time!

FEAST OF TERROR: This all starts with an eerie welcoming, immediately followed by great face painting to transform everyone into witches, vampires, ghosts, franky, goolies and more! Finally we will do spooky competitions that will require them at the top of their monstruous skills!

Halloween Party Entertainers in Birmingham

Our Halloween Party Entertainers in Birmingham will enhance your party by becoming Halloween themed wizards and witches, clowns, undead pirates, ghouls and ghosts and anything you need for your Halloween Party for kids all ages! Our professional frightening entertainers will adapt the activities to the venue of your choice and the ages of the children to make an unforgettable Kids Halloween Party. So hurry contact us to get our Kids Halloween entertainment for hire in Birmingham today!

evil clown Halloween entertainment Birmingham

(We require at least one adult for every 5-10 kids with us the whole Trick or Treating time) We can also theme other party entertainment packages, or tailor one for your specific needs, just contact us and let us know what you have in mind! Best Kids Halloween Parties in Birmingham!

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