If your question is How to do Face Painting for kids this Halloween? then we might be of some help! We know that children love Halloween parties and the time for trick and treating is a great opportunity to sit together and dress up as a family. We will give you some simple ideas you can do at home! 

Face painting for kids

You can find different types of face painting for kids out in the market. You can find organic non-allergy paints or famous affordable brands that can be delivered to your own home. For any doubts, contact us and our professionals can advise you what to use! Take into account the next points:

1)Think and practice: Think which characters you want to dress up like, get the necessary colors, and sketch your designs in a piece of paper to practice before you do the real one.

2) Nice and Easy! : Keep it simple! Easy designs first, complicated ones next year! Little by little you will become a master facepainter!

3)Colours: Be really careful when mixing colours, you don’t want them to get dirty or combined. Wash your brushes or you will be green instead of yellow!

4) Laugh and scare! : Enjoy the time you spend together with your family, paint each other and go scare some people out in the street! You can also invite one of our Clowns for hire to go with you!

Halloween face painting Ideas

You can get som simple halloween face painting ideas and designs with basic colours and lots of imagination!

halloween vampire facepaintingVampire:

1. Easy and Classic! First, go easy on white and spread over the whole face.

2. Take your black pencil to mark your teeth.

3. Highlight your hollow eyes with red pencil, some purple and black. Oh! Don’t forget a line of red blood next to the mouth if you have already eaten!

Evil Clown:

1. evil clown facepaintingGo wild with white all over the face.

2. Use your red to outline the mouth. (you can add white scary pointy teeth)

3. Use black to mark the lines crossing the eyes.

4. Use your favourite color for some curves over the eyebrows and act out as crazy!

Find out some more ideas on our London, Manchester or Liverpool websites. Scare and enjoy this season and learn How to do face painting for kids this Halloween. You can always get one of our incredible children’s party entertainers in Birmingham or check our party entertainment packages. AEIOU Parties!

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