We have many ideas to your Harry Potter Themed Birthday Parties in Birmingham. You can hire children’s birthday party entertainers which have everything you need to ensure your party entertainment. For this particular themed party, you can hire some magicians or a magic show to bring to your birthday party that special touch of magic. Harry Potter and his friends are part of kids imagination and they simply love their costumes. Do you want to know our ideas? Take a look and have a memorable birthday party!

If you want to surprise your little ones there is nothing better than giving a themed party, and Harry Potter wins the first place on themed parties. He is an adorable boy who discovered he was a wizard. When he went to Hogwarts (magic school) he knew Hermione and Ron, his best friends and adventures’ mates. A word full of magic, adventures, friendship and dreams is waiting for you! Know how to give Harry Potter Themed Birthday Parties in Birmingham!Harry Potter Themed Birthday Parties in Birmingham hogwarts

Give the Best Harry Potter Themed Birthday Parties in Birmingham

The first thing I need to tell you is that you find many party supplies according to your birthday party theme in many stores for the purpose. You can find in there invitations, costumes, disposable dishes, decorations, and party bags. So, buying them your job becomes a little bit easier. Let’s take it for parts.Harry Potter Themed Birthday Parties in Birmingham invitations

Harry Potter Themed Birthday Parties in Birmingham: Invitations

You need to use your imagination to surprise your little guests. For example, you can make an invitation like a letter of acceptance from Hogwarts! Do you imagine how hilarious kids would be? To make it even more real you can stamp and seal it with a red seal. Then roll them and tie them up with a string knot.

Harry Potter Themed Birthday Parties in Birmingham: Decoration

If you have read the book, you know exactly what to do! Just choose one of the book’s scenarios and try to make your house seems like it. You can choose Hogwarts, Harry Potter’s room, Hagrid’s house, Gringotts Bank, Blacks’ house, Diagon Alley, King’s Cross Station, forbidden forest, Hogsmeade, Azkaban, or any other place! If you didn’t read the books you can do a quick research on the web and choose one that you like. For now, I will give you some ideas:Harry Potter Themed Birthday Parties in Birmingham platform 9 3/4

  • Platform 9 ¾ Wall – Try to make the “platform 9 3/4″ on your house’s entry. Kids will be delirious!
  • Candles – Place candles all over the place. In Hogwarts, there are many candles, including in their dinner table!
  • Glass potions – As you know Harry Potter is a little wizard. In his magic school, he had a subject who he learn to make potions. So, place some glasses with olive oil, Vinagre, perfumes, and bath salts.

Harry Potter Themed Birthday Parties in Birmingham gamesHarry Potter Themed Birthday Parties in Birmingham: Games

The best game you can plan is a Quidditch game. Of course, your little ones won’t fly on a broom, but you can adapt this games to muggles! You will need to ask your guest to bring their Hogwarts costumes, and then sort them by teams (you can use Hogwarts’ colours to it).

And what about a Dementor piñata? It is always great!

Did you like our ideas? Hiring birthday parties entertainers your party will be even greater. They have fantastic decorations, activities, games, and even a kids birthday catering totally according to your party theme. Enjoy our ideas and have fun in your Harry Potter Themed Birthday Parties in Birmingham!


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