There are plenty fun things to do at home with children that you can do without spending loads of money. When we are with kids at home during holidays and weekends, we end up always doing the same things, but now you have some great tips to change your weekend’s routine. Have a lot of fun! 

Fun things to do at home with children during weekends and holidays

Are you looking for some great ideas to make your weekend fantastic? Very often our imagination might just turn off, and we end up in the couch watching a movie, but we have some easy-to-do activities for you to try with your whole family and children don’t be bored and upset. Take a look: fun things to do at home with children camping


Nothing like a camping weekend, right? Well, but to go out camping we need to spend some money and sometimes it’s not an option. So… what about camping in your living room? If you have tents, take them out and site them in the middle of your living room. Apart of it, you mustn’t forget sleeping bags and flashlights. Don’t you have any? Pick up some bed linen and make your own tents. Oh! And don’t forget to have a picnic too! Your kids will love it! fun things to do at home with children baking


If it is cold you must have to do this: bake some cookies with your kids while you have the oven switched on to keep your kitchen warm. A close relationship between you and your kids is healthy and helps in your children’s development. I’m sure this is a great way to straight your relationships and spend a great time together besides all of you going to be the sweetest persons in the whole world. fun things to do at home with children treasure hunt


This is one of the best fun things to do at home with childrenand I assure you they will love it! Transform your house in a trail for a treasure hunt and you must do it right now! Hide some toys and sweets all over the house and give your kids some clues on the way. How have you never thought of it?

Fun things to do at home with children: Educational Activities

You can have some educational activities at home and having fun at the same time. There are many games that kids will love, and they won’t even realize they are learning a lot! fun things to do at home with children puppets


You have many fun things to do at home with children, and they can also learn from them. In this game, children learn about some jobs and apart of it stimulate motor skills. So you mimic a job with your hands, and your body without speaking and your kid will have to guess it. Then you can switch turn to your kids.


A perfect game to stimulate your child’s imagination. It’s a really good game for your kids to learn how to build a good story! You start by giving a theme for the story and start it up with some lines. Then children continue telling it adding a phrase each.


Arts stimulate kid’s brain in several aspects so it is never too much besides it is fun and you can do it in your own home. Try to do some theatre plays adapting a book that can be represented. Choose a story that all of you like and start having fun!

You can also try to build some puppets with your child using some old cloths (socks are perfect for it!), buttons, wool yarn and glue. Build a beautiful house for your puppets and it’s all you are going to need to make your puppet theatre begin.

You can have some other ideas with our Magic Show or even with our Clown Show. I’m sure with all these tips you will have a lot of fun things to do at home with children this weekend!

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