You can do some Fun Science Experiments for Kids in your kids’ parties. It’s a great way to ensure your party entertainment, and there are some children’s party entertainers that can bring the science to your party. You can also hire a science show to make your party even greater. Do you imagine how fun it would be? You can offer fun and knowledge to your guests at the same time, and they won’t even realize they are learning with that! 

You can also do some experiments to make your weekends and holidays more especial. Are you ready for fun?

Best Fun Science Experiments for Kids

Let’s see some Fun Science Experiments for Kids you can do with your children. They are easy and very interesting for them.

Jellyfish in the bottle

To make this simple and super beautiful experience, you will need:
– A transparent plastic
– String or line
– A bottle of plastic
– Water
– Colouring (you can also use the ink from the pen, just drip a few drops of the colour of your choice).

First, make the head of the jellyfish. For this tie with a string or a line the center of your plastic bag. Then cut small tentacles cutting strips in plastic.Fun Science Experiments for Kids - jellyfish in a bottle

Then put some water in the “head”, leaving a little air to your jellyfish can move in the water. Fill the bottle with water, use the color of your choice and place the jellyfish into the bottle.

This experiment is for children to realize that every move they make in the bottle, the jellyfish will move as well.

Cyclone in a bowl

This is one of the great of the Fun Science Experiments for Kids ever!

It is quite simple to do and you will only need:

  • Fun Science Experiments Kidsan empty little pot with a lid (if it is to experience with very young children, use a plastic little pot).
  •  Common detergent

Just fill your little pot with water (swells about 3/4 of the pot) and put some detergent in (you do not need to put too much).

Cover the small jar and seal the lid with duct tape to prevent any disaster!
Now just shake the little pot, in a circular way, and your cyclone will be formed naturally!


The egg “naked”

This experiment is phenomenal and the kids love it. See an egg without shelled, translucent and soft is very amazing! Best of all, it’s very easy to do, so it’s one of the best Fun Science Experiments for Kids!

You will only need:Fun Science Experiments Kids egg

– Common vinegar
– an egg
– A container

Fill the container with vinegar, so that your egg is completely covered. It tends to float on the top!

Now the only thing you have to do is wait!
The egg must be resting in vinegar for at least 12 hours, and may have to stay for up to 24 hours. When it is ready, your egg will have a soft texture, it won’t back to harden and neither rots!

This is just some good ideas for you to do with your little ones. Do you have more ideas about Fun Science Experiments for Kids? Just let us know!

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