Are you ready for fantastic Halloween facepainting for kids? As you know, Halloween is coming, and there is nothing better than a great facepaint to make a huge success among all the others kids! So, if you want professional facepainting, you can find it in AEIOU Kids Club. They have the best entertainers of the whole country, who can perform awesome entertainment packages, as balloon modelling, clown shows, magic shows, among many others. 

Now, back to fantastic Halloween facepainting for kids, you can perform some easy facepainting by yourself, although I suggest you hire professional face painters if you want a professional thing.

I have done a selection of ones you can make easily, so take a look at them below!

Fantastic Halloween facepainting for kids – DIY

So you can leave your children ready for Halloween, here are fantastic face painting ideas. They are very easy to make, so get to work!fantastic Halloween facepainting for kids ideas


Who is the girl who does not like to dress up as a witch on Halloween? Yeah, and they can look lovely with their faces painted!

Just choose the right colours, and draw some key images, and voila! They are ready to pick up the broom and go flying!

You can, for example, paint the face with green, but attention to the green you choose, opt for a light one. It is usually necessary to mix with a little white paint to lighten.

Paint the lips and eyes with purple paint, which helps to beautify the character. Place a starlet on the chin, a sign to imitate the wart under the nose, and draw a moon on one side of the face.

Is not it a fantastic Halloween facepainting for kids? 


There is no more famous character on Halloween than zombies, so it’s always a good idea to make a face painting!

I know that to paint the whole face can be a challenge, but if we want a zombie, then we have to convince them to withstand quiet for some time.

Well, let’s paint the entire face with white colour, except around the eyes.

Then paint with black a circle around the eyes, but be careful not to get too close to the eyes, or may hurt the child, causing serious irritation in the eye.

For the nose, paint a black triangle, and the lips also with black, pass the brush up and down, creating the effect of “ripped” into the mouth.

Your child is ready to scare this Halloween!

Are you not convinced with these face paintings? Let’s see another fantastic Halloween facepainting for kids!fantastic Halloween facepainting kids


Well, whether boy or girl, everyone loves the vampire characters, because they live in our imagination for years!

To perform a fantastic Halloween facepainting for kids of a vampire, let’s first clarify that the colour you use to base is not white, but gray. This is because the painting has other details with white, which can cause these details do not stand out if you use white at the base.

So with the help of a sponge, cover the entire face with gray, then mix a little black in gray paint, and paint around the eyes, next to the nose, the outline of the cheeks and chin.

With a brush and white paint, add details, and then with black paint. Draw fine lines, starting from the corner of the eye at the top and bottom of the cheeks, and nose from the corner.

With white colour, draw the vampire’s fangs, and with the black paint, draw big eyebrows, very exaggerated.

Draw a thin line under each eye with the red colour, and paint also the lips of that colour, and add a few drops of blood coming out of the teeth.

I am sure your children will love our fantastic Halloween facepainting for kids ideas!

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