Here you can find Easy Magic Tricks for Kids to make your children’s party just amazing. This way your kids’ party entertainment is guaranteed, and I am sure that your little kids will be surrounded to these magic tricks. If you don’t have the talent for magic, perhaps you can hire children’s party entertainers or some magicians for hire. Well, but if you want to learn by yourself or if you want your little ones to learn them, take a look and learn these easy magic tricks for kids

Learning easy magic tricks for kids

Learning to perform card tricks is a great way to exercise children’s cognitive thinking, as well as build their self-esteem. These easy magic tricks for kids are the easiest tricks around!

What you need:

  • A set of playing cardseasy magic tricks for kids: cards

How to do:

  • Without moving your mouth to show you are counting, count out 20 cards off the top of the pack and set those 20 aside on the table in front of you. This will be pile 2. The other pile will be pile 1.
  • Offer the other half of the pack (pile 1) to your spectator. Ask him to choose a card.
  • Tell him to memorise it.
  • Ask him to give it back to you.
  • Slip the card beneath pile 2 (the 20 cards you set aside at the beginning).
  • Place pile two on top of pile 1.
  • Turn the cards over to face you: so that you can see the front of each card.
  • Count from the back of the pile until you get to the 21st card. That will be your spectator’s card.
  • Ask your audience, “Is this your card?”

They will be amazed!

Tips and hints:

  • Counting exactly is crucial in this trick.
  • Practice counting in your head, without moving your lips so that no one knows you are counting the cards.
  • When you first separate the pack into two piles, try to make it look like you are just cutting the pack.
  • If you don’t have a set of playing cards, don’t worry… Here you have some different magic tricks.


 The Rubber Pencil

 easy magic tricks for kids pencil

The “rubber pencil” is one of the super easy magic tricks for kids that’s really an optical illusion. You wave a standard pencil and it appears to bend, just as if it were made of rubber. All you need to do is shake the pencil relatively fast up and down … Its simple as that.


The Jumping Rubberband


Another magic trick that is one of the best easy magic tricks for kids, a rubber band mysteriously jumps from your pinkie and ring fingers to the first and middle fingers of the same hand and then back again.easy magic tricks kids

  • Hold your hand naturally and wrap the rubberband around your pinkie and ring fingers. Let the rubber band rest at the base of your fingers. The back of your hand should be facing your audience.
  • With your other hand, stretch the rubber band and insert the tips of your pinky, ring, middle and first fingers into it.
  • Rest your fingers on the rubber band against the palm of your hand. Notice how all of the fingers are resting inside of the rubber band and how the band is held in the fingertips.
  • At this point, you should be able just to open (straighten) all of your fingers to make the rubber band “jump” to your index and middle fingers. If the rubber band doesn’t jump, please review the instructions. Note that by reversing the direction, you can make the rubber band jump back to the original fingers.

Kids love magic, and you have your kids’ entertainment guaranteed if you try these magic tricks I showed you. So, try them and then let us know if you were successful. Do you have any ideas for easy magic tricks for kids? Just tell us. We are waiting for it!

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