Thinking about doing a kids party at school? It doesn’t matter if you are the school director or parent, the school is always a great option for giving a children’s party! We know that finding a party venue is not so easy, and that’s why the school is great. Furthermore, at the school, you can hire more entertainment for children such as face painters, balloon modeling, clowns or magicians. Is not it awesome? Moreover, you can also count on the presence of all the little friends of your child, making the party unforgettable!

Nowadays it is very common for parents prefer to have a party at school for a few reasons. The most common reason is that they can not or do not want to spend a lot of money.doing a kids party at school steps

Then because they prefer a quick thing, without a lot of work. In addition also has the advantage that the birthday child will be celebrating with his friends, the teacher or teachers, which are very important people for the little ones.

Doing a kids party at school: Make it Brilliant!


The steps for doing a kids party at school are the same, no matter if you are parent or teacher. Check!

The first thing you should do, regardless of who you are, is talking to the school’s direction, to know if it is allowed to do the little party.

All events have to pass the approval of the Director of the School, so make sure that authorization is given before you start doing anything else.doing a party at school for kids

Since this is allowed, you can already start preparing things. Some schools offer a special room to be decorated and placed the food for the party.

When you are doing a kids party at school you also need to ask some other questions. Take a look:

  1. In which time can be taken the decorations, food, and drink.
  2. What will be the time of the little party that does not harm the studies.
  3. Ask if the school allows the entry of people, because usually they only allow the entry of direct relatives.
  4. Find out how many students have the class of your child.
  5. Ask if you can put children’s music.
  6. Ask if it is allowed the entry of party a kids party at school

Now let’s see some of the steps you need to follow for doing a kids party at school. 

  • One week before the party, send invitations to each little friend of the class. You can ask the teacher to deliver or put on the bulletin notebook for each student.
  • Think of a simple decoration and easy to assemble such as balloons, a panel, or “Congratulations” on the wall!
  • You do not need to overdo the food and drinks because you know that children do not eat that much.
  • Do not forget to bring candles, drinking straws, napkins, cups, plates and disposable cutlery.
  • Take a simple birthday cake. It may be chocolate, white pasta with filling, and can decorate with the theme of the party, or you can even put the birthday child’s photo on the cake.


Did you like our post? Make your party simple and I am sure it will be just great. The important is that you have all your child’s friends in there. Delight your little one doing a kids party at school. 

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