Hi there! Today we are going to talk about Disco themed parties for kids in Birmingham! Kids parties are always a challenge, but with our help I am sure you will succeed! You can also check some other option, besides disco party, such as Frozen Party or Challenger party. To make your party even greater, you can hire some children’s party entertainers, including face painters and balloon modellers. Now, let’s see some great activities that you can experience in your disco parties. 

If you are going to give Disco themed parties for kids in Birmingham, you certainly need to have a look at this post! We have lots of ideas so all your kids have lots of fun in your party.

In fact, disco parties are just perfect for a kids party. They love to dance and listen to music, and making a dance floor in your party is the better way to ensure all of them have lots of fun!

Activities for Disco themed parties for kids in Birmingham


There is nothing like making a true dance floor in the middle of your living room, with all kids dancing and singing! In fact, these are their favourite activities, no matter when and where they do them!

So, have a look at these ideas of activities for Disco themed parties for kids in Birmingham!

activities for Disco themed parties for kids in Birmingham


Organise a real dance competition! For this, you need to do a dance floor and ask your guests to prepare a dance.

They can do this individually or in small groups.

Also, you need to select a panel of judges, which may be some parents to appreciate the performances.

At the end, you can provide a small trophy for the 3 winners and a prize of participation to all the rest.


This activity for Disco themed parties for kids in Birmingham is easy to do.

You just need to put a music playing for kids start dancing. As soon as you stop the music, children “freeze”. The one who is the last to freeze, or the first to move, is disqualified.

You can also select the judges among parents to go disqualifying children every round.

Disco themed party for kids in Birmingham


You must know this game very well, don’t you? Even with the course of time, it did not go out of fashion, and children still enjoy a lot!

Choose two adults to get at each end of the stick. Place a lively music playing. Each child, one at a time, will pass underneath the stick. Go down as each round of kids pass.

When the child can not pass under the stick without touching it is disqualified.


To finalise your party, organise a karaoke contest. Again select a group of jurors, as I got talent or Idols. They will evaluate each child, choosing the one that most talent has. Prepare a prize for the winner as well as a participation prize for all the other kids.

Did you like these activities? I am sure your party will be just perfect following our ideas! Here you find hours and hours of full fun, I can assure you! Your Disco themed parties for kids in Birmingham will be unforgettable!

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