Hi there! Today we are going to show you the best 9 yrs old kids birthday party activities. We know how important it is your kids birthday parties, and that’s why we have some great activities to show you. If you are thinking about giving a memorable party, I suggest you that you take a look at these fantastic children’s party entertainers and some of the best kids party entertainment packages. I can assure you your little ones will love the clowns, magicians and face painters

Now that I have shown you one of the best party planners in the country, let’s see some great 9 yrs old kids birthday party activities. As you know, kids enjoy different activities with time, and it is usual that they don’t like anymore to play with toys.

And that’s why we have some great ideas to give you so your birthday party becomes truly amazing! Take a look!

Best 9 yrs old kids birthday party activities


At this age, children no longer think joke to a storytelling session, so we have to adapt recreation if we do not want to embarrass our son!

Those games to paint a canvas, or have a workshop to paint a house of sparrows no longer has much interest. But there is a range of very interesting activities that will give life to your party. Here are some ideas for your 9 yrs old kids birthday party activities. best 9 yrs old kids birthday party activities

Hire a DJ

The kids at this age are beginning to like to feel adults and begin to enjoy some activities that give them the illusion that they are grown.

A great way to do this is to set up a dance floor, hire a DJ who knows the music hits for kids. It is important that you hire a professional who is used to working with children, or you run the risk of he does not engage children, and make your party a disappointment!


You certainly know those programs I got Talent or Idols. Children love, and at this age they dream of becoming big stars of music! So you can organize yourself a Karaoke like a competition. Establish a panel of judges, who give scores to each performance. If you want can only make available to the children a microphone, leaflets for them to write the music they want to sing and make a whole evening of music!9 years old kids birthday party activities

Do not you think these 9 yrs old kids birthday party activities are great to liven up your child’s birthday? But we can give some more suggestions!

If your child is a fan of sports, and if you have a garden in your home, you can perfectly organize a bags race , or if you have enough space and guests you can arrange a football game or one that they like.

You can also hire a science show with fantastic scientific experiments, which in addition to fun your guests will also stimulate the taste for the discovery of new things!

Did you like our ideas? I am sure your party will be just amazing if you decide to include them on it! If you have any other idea for 9 yrs old kids birthday party activities, just let us know!

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