Today we prepared a surprise for you. We are going to tell you 5 secrets to become a great clown. Clowns are great to entertain children in kids parties, as well as magicians, face painters, or balloon modellers. So you can have an unforgettable party, you certainly need to check this post and find all the secrets to become an excellent clown. This way you can do it yourself. Are you curious? Let’s look! 

It is important that you understand that you don’t only have to be funny. There are some secrets that great clowns have to be successful, and we are going to tell you all. Check.


Best 5 secrets to become a great clown

secrets to be a great clown

  1. Take advantage of the humorous side of tragedy

This is the first of our 5 secrets to become a great clown. It is known that people find other people’s misfortune somewhat amusing . Also, we know that people nowadays don’t trust clowns, and enjoy watching them suffering a little bit. You may use this to make a show where your misfortune will make them laugh.

People will find it very amusing if you slip and fall.

However, you must know how to do it without serious injuries, you don’t want to end your show in the hospital.

  1. Believe in your abilities

One of the 5 secrets to become a great clown is to truly believe that you can entertain and deceive people. Keep in mind that you are playing a character of your choice.

Look at the crowd it is essential for them to know that you are acting for them and them only. By looking at the audience directly in the eye you are showing confidence in your act.

Even though eye contact is important to show the crowd your feelings as you act, staring can be disturbing so make sure you don’t stare too much.

  1. best 5 secrets to become a great clownUse an original costume

No one wants to see the same old clown costume so why not innovate and create your own?

Once you have created your character and your performance, it’s time to think of how you are going to introduce yourself to the public.

Be original. For example, you have never seen an android clown.

I have never seen one either so it would be very interesting. Invest in something the crowd will memorize and talk about.

The more extravagant you go, the more you will be talked about, bringing your name to the top.Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy,after all, you’re a clown, not a librarian! Set you imagination free, explore all the possibilities.

  1. Know the field

Everyone likes to see a clown fall flat on their faces,but when they get hurt it’s not that much fun. In order not to fall of the stage, you must know where you stand. That is one of the 5 secrets to become a great clown. Practice your performance where you will be acting as much as possible to avoid accidents. The audience will thank you.secrets to become a great clown

  1. Forget the clichés

There is nothing worst than seeing the same show over and over again, besides there is nothing a clown is supposed to do. Use your imagination, talk to more experienced clowns about new tricks and be aware not to repeat other people’s shows. You don’t want to be old-fashioned or a copycat. Don’t even think about including slipping on a banana peel in your show. Innovate. Create. Fly!

So, what do you think about 5 secrets to become a great clown? Let us know!


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