Check 5 funny ideas to use Pumpkin on Halloween and have a lot of fun this year! I am sure with these ideas to use pumpkins you will make a huge success! If you are thinking about giving a Halloween party for your little ones, have a look at this great magician for hire. He will bring all the magic spirit surrounding this time of the year! You can also hire some face painters and balloon modellers to entertain children. And what about a clown show? AWESOME! Isn’t missing a thing this year! 

If you are of that genre of people who love to decorate the house for Halloween then you certainly have to take a look at our 5 funny ideas to use Pumpkin on 5 funny ideas to use pumpkin on Halloween

The pumpkin is always used to decorate the house, but actually always ends up being all the same. With the ideas that we’ll show you now, that will change! See that beautiful and different things you can do with traditional pumpkins of Halloween.

5 funny ideas to use Pumpkin on Halloween this year

Tired of doing the same thing during Halloween? See our 5 funny ideas to use pumpkin on Halloween and make the difference this year!

Bat pumpkins for Halloween

We know that we usually took the pumpkins, cut to make a face, put a candle inside, and it is done. But using the imagination is much more fun, right?

So why not make our pumpkin a bat?

Paint the pumpkin in black, do some paintings to draw eyes. With a black cardstock, make bat wings and paste in the pumpkin.

It is simply fantastic and the kids will love the idea!

Ice bucket

I’m sure you will need a bucket of ice to leave your drinks cool, right? So why not use pumpkins for this purpose? Sure that your guests will find it a very original idea!5 funny ideas to use pumpkin Halloween

For this, you must cut the top of the pumpkin and remove the seeds. Fill the inside of the pumpkin with ice, and then put the bottles of drinks there. Have fresh juice, and still get an accurate decoration to the theme. Is not it fantastic?

Fruit basket

Make your pumpkin a basket to put fruit. A Halloween party must have some fruit to serve the guests, right? Then cut the pumpkin in the shape of a basket and place the fruit inside! Your guests will find a very fun idea, and the little ones will eat fruit with much pleasure! This is one of the best 5 funny ideas to use pumpkin on Halloween! 

Sangria bucket

If your idea is to serve sangria during the party, or various fruit juices, you can use pumpkin to serve the drinks.

To this, you must take very well the entire interior of the pumpkin so that its taste becomes not much excelled, although it is sweet, so there is no problem if it tastes a little of pumpkin.

Cut the top, put the drinks and a shell for the guests serve themselves.

Basket for sweets

The same way you did in previous ideas, use now to put sweets. If you have small pumpkins, use them as party favours, and fill them with sweets. Children will love the idea!

Did you enjoy our 5 funny ideas to use pumpkin on Halloween? Hope you have a lot of fun this year! Enjoy the Halloween!

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