Will you give your 1st year old birthday party in Birmingham? We have a lot of original ideas to make it the most magical day of your life. We know how important it is for you, mum and dad, and we can offer you great options to make it memorable! 

1st year old birthday party in Birmingham: Some advice1st year old birthday party in birmingham cake

Your baby is doing his 1st year old birthday party in Birmingham, and it is certainly something to celebrate! But you have to plan it very carefully and please don’t stress! We know you are tired, so relax and read some great tips that will help you planning it!

  • 1st year old birthday party birmingham Guests – Don’t invite all your friends and family. Babies don’t like strangers, and they could be afraid of them. Invite close family and friends to keep a small and intimate atmosphere.
  • Hours – Babies get tired very easily so you must pay attention to it when you are planning your 1st year old birthday party in Birmingham. The best option is an afternoon tea, after nap time.1st year old birthday party
  • Activities – No matter how old the baby is, they all like to have something to do. Put some music and dance with your baby. You can play simple games like peek-a-boo games or finding hidden toys. You also can tell some short stories to him. It will be amusing!
  • Place – You may like to have an outdoor party, but I would recommend if you wait a year or two to do so! Babies feel safer at home, and they will appreciate being at home with all their family and close friends.
  • Help – It’s OK if you ask for help. Actually, it’s quite usual! You don’t have much time, and you can ask your parents or brothers to help you preparing your 1st year old birthday party in Birmingham.

1st year old birthday party in Birmingham: Great Ideasthe 1st year old birthday party

When we are planning parties, no matter what kind they are, we always want to do a big dinner-party! But we are talking about the 1st y.o. of your baby! Keep the FOOD simple, finger foods so you won’t interrupt games! Always have water, milk and fruit juices for the little ones!

So, everything may be quite simple! Sandwiches, some peanuts, biscuits, jello, cheese and mini fromage frais cartoons. And of course, don’t forget the birthday cake! You can make it yourself, or buy it at a bakery. 1 birthday party in birmingham

About DECORATIONS of your 1st year old birthday party in Birmingham, you may do it simple, with several colours but without a lot of balloons and banners. Babies don’t feel comfortable with too much visual stimulation!

You can choose a THEME to your party too. Although your baby will not get the idea, it will look beautiful on the pictures! Wait another year or two and make a great themed party, like Frozen Party in Birmingham!

What about the presents? Babies with one year appreciate everything that is noisy and shiny! A book is always a fantastic gift to give to your kid. It’s never too early to read, actually, it’s quite the opposite!

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