You find everything that you need on AEIOU Kids Club, including 1st birthday parties in Birmingham. Because we know this is an important date, we have planned a fantastic first birthday party that you will love! This is not a simple kids party, and that’s why we have party venues, birthday party entertainers, party catering, party decoration, and birthday party entertainment especially designed for the purpose.

You can enjoy our 1st birthday party in Birmingham in many areas including Hodge Hill, Hall Green, Ladywood, Perry Bar, Selly Oak, Yardley and some other zones. So, we are going to everywhere you need.

Tips to your 1st birthday party in Birmingham

First of all, I need to congratulate you for your beautiful baby! Then I need to tell you that planning First birthday parties is not very easy, and that’s why we are here to give you some tips so your 1st birthday party in Birmingham goes fine. We have some tips to give to your 1st birthday parties in Birmingham. Take a look!

You must pay attention to the hours you plan your party. Your little baby tires very easily, so the best thing you have to do is giving your first birthday party after your baby takes his nap, late in the morning or in the evening.

You also must limit your guests to your family and close friends. Little babies stress with many people around them, so don’t even think about inviting lots of guests!

Don’t be ashamed of asking for help. We know that these days have been tough and you are just tired, so ask your mother, father, or any other close friend to help you setting up your party.

You must also think about your party entertainment. You must plan some activities to keep your guests delighted never forgetting that your baby is the star of the day! When you hire our entertainers you get this, and even more!

AEIOU Kids Club has many party packages that you can enjoy for your boys 1st birthday or a girls 1st birthday. Take a look at some options!

Ideas to your 1st Birthday Parties in Birmingham

We have several ideas to present to your 1st birthday parties in Birmingham. We can also help you to make your 1st birthday parties a tremendous success. Check our ideas and contact us for further info and prices. Enjoy our 1st birthday party in Birmingham!

  • Storytelling Session – There is nothing better than a storytelling session! Little babies love to hear enchanted stories, and that’s what we have to offer you! Your first birthday party will be awesome!

Clowns – All little kids love clowns, and there are no other entertainers so perfect like our clowns for birthday parties to ensure your party’s success. And what about a clown show? YEY!

Puppet Show – It is a brilliant idea to your 1st birthday parties in Birmingham. A fantastic puppet show which tells you a beautiful love story! I can assure you that your little baby will be delighted!

Magicians – If you want your party to be just perfect you can hire our birthday party magician together with our clowns. I am sure every guest in your 1st birthday parties in Birmingham will be delighted!

And what about a show with giant bubbles? Do you imagine how fun it would be little kids running to catch all those bubbles? There is no other party package so perfect for your 1st birthday parties in Birmingham!

1st birthday parties Birmingham Bubbles

We can also manage your party catering and your party decoration too. We can handle all your party set up, so don’t hesitate on hiring us. We have everything to make your baby boy and baby girl first birthday just great! But we have more surprises to your 1st birthday parties in Birmingham. Take a look!

catering for 1st birthday parties in Birmingham

Entertainment to your girls 1st birthday and boys 1st birthday

You can get our fantastic activities every time you wish. AEIOU Kids Club has many other surprises for you. We have a huge one for your girls 1st birthday! Apart our great games and activities to your 1st birthday parties in Birmingham.

You can get our face painters in your girls 1st birthday party. I am sure that your little girls will love them and your little baby girl too!

But we don’t think just about girls, we have planned boys 1st birthday too. What do you think about balloon modelling? I can assure you that all little kids will love to play with our balloon swords! Do you know any other activity better than this one for boys 1st birthday? 

Did you like our surprises for your 1st birthday party entertainment? We have much more. Contact us now and book our party packages to your 1st birthday parties in Birmingham!

AEIOU 1st Birthday Party

AEIOU Kids Club provides 1st birthday parties in Birmingham but also in Liverpool, London and Manchester, everything to leave you all pleased. Hire us and our kids party planners will do everything to make your party memorable.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, contact us and we will do everything to make all your dreams come true. We are the best kids party company in all the UK, with the best entertainers and entertainment, so don’t wait any longer and hire our 1st birthday parties in Birmingham.

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